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Asking Price : $850,000

Annual Gross Revenue : $955,259

Annual Net Profit : $469,438

Profit Multiple : x1.81

Inventory Value: N/A

R-Index : 191

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***SBA Approved – ask us how you can buy this business for $100k down.***

For sale is a business primarily involved in ad media publications both online and in print, with automotive dealers being the primary clientele (about 80 percent of revenue comes from auto dealerships listing ads in the magazine). It mostly consists of a print publication, a corresponding website, and a related texting service for people seeking more information on a vehicle. There are also additional clients for which the company provides digital and website management and marketing services.

It was formed after the owner, who used to work at AutoTrader, saw a gap in the local market after AutoTrader
closed their magazine. The owner sought to capture that market in the central South Carolina region, and reached
out to dealers and businesses in the area, finding success selling ads. The brand soon expanded into different
platforms and in doing so the company has mastered the blending of mobile, digital, and print mediums to maximise
both profitability and dominance of the local market. The staff is both motivated and loyal, committed to working with clients and putting their best feet forward to meet client needs and concerns. It is this philosophy, one of quality service, that has led to so many strong and longstanding client-rep relationships, and is one of the pillars of the business that is extremely difficult to replicate. The personal yet professional approach is the effective and expected norm.

Interested parties should also note that the business model is also scaleable in regards to both other regions and other products, for those willing to invest the time and resources to do so. Successful and profitable practices are already in place and current employees, many of which have been with the company for years, are confident and competent, with metrics in place for feedback and process adjustment. It’s a strong business with a great deal of growth ahead of it, and it is an extremely attractive prospect to potential buyers. It takes a business model once thought obsolete and has adapted it to great success, embracing the ideals of the information age to succeed in ways few businesses have. For those reasons and more it is a truly unique opportunity.

***SBA Approved – ask us how you can buy this business for $100k down.***

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