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Asking Price : $60,834

Annual Gross Revenue : $214,876

Annual Net Profit : $38,421

Profit Multiple : x1.58

Inventory Value: -

R-Index : 214

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From the Broker

This listing is for a dropshipping business created in March 2017 in the apparel & accessories niche. The Shopify site features a particular low-cost men's accessory, primarily using the 'Free + Shipping' method. The site sells products for $0.00, and only charges customers the shipping fees, which are inflated for profit. All products are dropshipped directly from the supplier. Traffic is primarily gained through Facebook ads, and the site has a conversion rate around 5% which is higher than the industry standard.

The business requires few hours to maintain. VAs take care of almost everything from processing orders to answering emails. Every now and then, the Seller will look for items to add to the store. About once a week, the Seller will take care of Paypal claims and answer messages there (using canned responses most of the time). The VAs have been trained to take over these tasks and general management of the store if the Buyer wants to be fully hands off. The Seller also recently hired a new team to take care of the Facebook ads and is already running new tests.

The store is in Euros and though many customers are from Germany and Europe in general, the entire site and all communication are in English. The store currently has 29 products, though the Seller often adds or removes products. Although the Facebook page only has around 3k followers, Facebook is very important to the business since the business runs marketing on Facebook and Instagram through the ad manager.

The business uses an app that automatically sends out emails to people who abandoned items in their cart, but the business has no active marketing campaigns. The app has collected just under 20k messenger subscribers and over 35k emails. The store itself has collected almost 50k emails. This is an opportunity for the Buyer to grow and utilize.

*We've decided to use an 8-month average of net profit for the valuation because we felt that a 12-month average did not accurately represent the current state of the business.

Site Highlights

Average Monthly Revenue: $17,906

Average Monthly Expenses: $14,705

Average Monthly Net Profit: $3,202

* We are using the last 12 months to determine the averages.

Assets Included in Sale

Included in the sale of this business are:

  • Primary domain and all site content /files
  • Email list of approximately 85k+
  • Messenger List of 20k+
  • Facebook page, 3k+ followers
  • Facebook ad account and pixels
  • Shopify accounts
  • Oberlo account
  • Gsuite
  • Supplier contacts

Work/Skills Required

The Seller currently spends around 3 hours per week:

  • Looking for items to add to the store
  • Taking care of Paypal claims and answer messages there, using canned responses as much as possible

Reason for Sale

The Seller is raising working capital for their main business operation and expansion.

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Last Updated: Wed, Dec 5th 2018

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