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Asking Price : $83,711

Annual Gross Revenue : $35,880

Annual Net Profit : $35,880

Profit Multiple : x2.33

Inventory Value: -

R-Index : 154

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From the Broker

This listing is for an Amazon Merch business created in August 2016 in the apparel & accessories niche. The Merch account has 110 designs uploaded out of its 500 design tier, which leaves some room for growth. The business has steady earnings, with a few seasonal spikes, and requires minimal work of the Seller.

The Seller has focused on designing for niches that are evergreen so they are very safe and don’t ride the wave of trends. Though the Seller hasn’t recently designed anything new, they are happy to provide advice to the buyer on where to find VAs and/or graphic designers for future designs.

The Seller also feels that the prices for the shirts could be bumped up a few dollars to earn even more off of each sale. The Seller has purposely placed it rather on the low spectrum to gain sales momentum from the rankings. The Buyer could take advantage of the sales rankings and increase the price to increase the overall profit per each shirt sold. The Seller has recently headed in this direction, it has helped bring in more revenue, and it is working out quite nicely.

Included in the sale is a Shopify store and associated Facebook account (just under 25K followers), that is related to one of the niches of apparel that the Merch business focuses on. The Shopify store isn’t earning anything and was not used in the valuation of the business, so it is an opportunity for the Buyer to grow.

*The business had a huge spike in June 2017 because the Seller’s shirts appeared on the front page of Amazon.

*Please note that since this is a Merch by Amazon business, there are no traffic analytics available for this platform.

*Amazon has now allowed Merch accounts to start selling PopSocketz for phones. The feature has recently been rolled out to this account and could add additional potential for the Buyer. This product will go alongside t-shirts, sweatshirts, long sleeves, and hoodies.

Site Highlights

Average Monthly Revenue: $2,990

Average Monthly Expenses: $0

Average Monthly Net Profit: $2,990

* We are using the last 12 months to determine the averages.

Assets Included in Sale

Included in the sale of this business:

  • Merch by Amazon credentials
  • Shopify Store (no earnings)
  • Facebook page related to the Shopify Store with 24k Likes
  • All 110 current Merch .png design files

Work/Skills Required

The Seller currently spends around 1 hour per week:

  • Checking stats on the performance of their designs

Previously the Seller has spent time on:

  • Researching niches and/or trending designs
  • Creating new designs and uploading them, which can be outsourced

Reason for Sale

The Seller is looking to use the sale of this business to invest into their digital marketing agency.

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Last Updated: Sat, Sep 1st 2018

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