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Asking Price : $250,000

Annual Gross Revenue : Unknown

Annual Net Profit : Unknown

Profit Multiple : N/A

Inventory Value: N/A

R-Index : N/A

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For sale are gaming and entertainment app assets from an award-winning, independent game development studio. Founded in 2002, the business consisted of a team of high caliber engineers, designers and artists until they ran out of funds and had to let everyone go. Having spent its first 10 years in the console and PC space they switched to mobile platforms in 2013.

Their first mobile title was launched on Halloween 2013 and was featured by Apple five times with over 6 million downloads on both iOS and Android worldwide. In October 2015, they launched the second mobile title, which was featured by Apple six times with over 250K organic downloads on iOS without any marketing support. The title hasn’t been published on Android yet, so it’ll be a brand new game on the platform when it’s published. Both games were developed in the Unity Engine.

The sale of the business also comes with a proprietary, in-house technology game engine which was used to ship 11 SKU’s across many platforms.

Highlights & Key Assets:

o Industry recognized name with solid credibility
o High quality apps, games, tech, and artwork with great production value
o Trademarks on game names
o Games with strong (cult) following
o Reskinnable games with minimal tech overhaul
o Many detailed design docs on new IPs and games that are ready for development
o Small recurring revenue, but could earn much more with proper support: Current average monthly revenue is $1-2K
o $2.1M in Net Operating Loss (tax benefit if new owner acquires the company entity)
o Lots of computer hardware, software, and some dev kits that can be included depending on the offer.
o Unfinished app that has Unicorn potential (could become very viral) and may remind you of Apple’s newly released memoji, but much more robust in features. Spent $700K on building the app to-date, has 2-3 months left in development to go to market. Demo videos included in prospectus.

o First mobile game launched in Oct 2013; 5 Apple Features; 200K+ 5-star user ratings; ~6MM downloads; [The following numbers are from the beginning of 2017 – Retention: D1 45.65%, D7 28.39%, D30 17.18%]; Dev cost: $250K.
o Second mobile game launched in Oct 2015; 6 Apple Features; ~240K organic downloads; $0 spent on UA; [The following numbers are from the beginning of 2017 – ARPPU: $45.26; ARPDAU: $0.12; Retention: D1 44.72%, D7 20.66%, D30 10.21%]; Dev cost: $2MM. Side note: We’ve had a handful of players who spent $3-4K each on IAP’s.
o Proprietary game engine: $1MM spent on its development and shipped 11 SKUs across multiple platforms.
o One gesture controlled PC game: Funded ($500K) and distributed by Intel, the IP and tech are included with this sale and the game design is well suited for the mobile platform, which can be ported in 2-3 months.
o Second gesture controlled PC game: Funded ($500K) and distributed by Intel, the IP and tech are included with the sale and and the game design is well suited for a VR port.
o Award-winning, cult classic title on PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One: self-funded ($800K) and published in 2006. Surprisingly the game is still being purchased and played on Xbox Live and Steam today.

Growth Potential & Vision:


Training & Support:
This is negotiable depending on your needs for a transition period. Owners are also willing to provide ongoing consulting if desired.

Reason selling:
The business ran out of money back in 2016 and its co-founder/CTO decided to leave the business because he didn’t want the entrepreneur lifestyle anymore. The business had investments lined up at the time, but they had to turn them down because the CTO was leaving and he was in charge of tech and production. The other co-founder/CEO has been with the business for 16 years and he now started a new chapter of his life. His new calling found him a few months ago (an eCommerce platform), so now he needs to focus his time and energy on that and close this chapter once and for all. The founders’ goal is to find a new home for the business and their beloved IP’s so they can thrive again.

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