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Asking Price : $72,224

Annual Gross Revenue : $40,027

Annual Net Profit : $33,335

Profit Multiple : x2.17

Inventory Value: N/A

R-Index : 163

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From the Broker

This listing is for an advertising business created in September 2017 in the media niche. This unique business has a custom-built site featuring an API allowing users to convert a YouTube video to an MP3 or MP4. This service takes place free of charge and can be used on desktop or mobile. An ad is shown every time a video or music file is downloaded through the API, providing the revenue for this mostly hands-off business.

Almost all of the traffic to the site is referral traffic from users seeing the API used on other sites. There is a small amount of organic traffic from Google. This could potentially be improved upon and is an opportunity for the Buyer to pursue. The Seller has also received inquiries from site owners asking to offer the API without ads but with a subscription. Exploring this direction or creating a paid API are options for the new owner.

The dip in traffic in May 2018 was due to a big website that was using the API dropping the service. This is possibly due to the Seller implementing a web push notification, which was intrusive. The Seller has since removed this feature. The Seller believes the dip in August 2018 was due to one of the websites that uses the API losing its traffic.

*The Seller has very little experience coding and hires a freelancer when they want to change something on the website. Experience in this area would be helpful but it is not necessary.

*The website's domain was purchased from an expired auction.

*We've decided to use a 7-month average of net profit for the valuation because we felt that a 12-month average did not accurately represent the current state of the business.

Site Highlights

Average Monthly Revenue: $3,336

Average Monthly Expenses: $558

Average Monthly Net Profit: $2,778

* We are using the last 11 months to determine the averages.

Assets Included in Sale

Included in the sale of this business are:

  • Primary domain & all site content/files/code
  • Domain and website code (for the download servers)
  • Freelancer contact

Work/Skills Required

The Seller currently spends around 2 hours per week:

  • Checking Google Analytics multiple times a day to see if everything is ok
  • Checking the visitor stats
  • Contacting a freelancer when want to change something

Reason for Sale

The Seller is looking to invest in other ventures with higher returns like cryptocurency.

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First Seen: Wed, Sep 26th 2018

Last Updated: Thu, Feb 14th 2019

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