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Asking Price : $151,364

Annual Gross Revenue : $197,535

Annual Net Profit : $72,078

Profit Multiple : x2.00

Inventory Value: -

R-Index : 168

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From the Broker

This store sells custom tailor men's clothing with styles that include formal wear, business, and business casual. The site was designed by someone with nearly ten years of experience in the custom clothing industry but requires zero industry experience to run. This store operates under the "Receive and Ship" model, where orders are placed with the tailor who ships to the site owner (or fulfillment center), from there marketing materials can be added and the finished product is shipped to the customer.


Niche: Custom Tailored Men's Clothing

Store Model: "Receive & Ship" (no inventory)

Store Launched: August 2018

Avg. Monthly Revenue: $16,461/month

Avg. Monthly Net Profit: $6,007/month

Avg. Order Value (AOV): $824

Avg. Profit Per Order: $315

Owner Time Requirement: 5 Hours/Weekly

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First Seen: Thu, May 2nd 2019

Last Updated: Fri, May 3rd 2019

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