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Asking Price : $254,251

Annual Gross Revenue : $542,808

Annual Net Profit : $108,960

Profit Multiple : x2.33

Inventory Value: N/A

R-Index : 154

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This listing is for an Amazon FBA business created in February 2017 in the home niche. The business features 9 SKUs (6 active and 3 launching in March 20') for products related to home comfort items. The business offers products with 4.3-star ratings and higher, is a part of Amazon's brand registry 2.0, and requires minimal effort from the Seller to maintain.

The business launched three new products in July contributing to the assets recent growth in terms of revenue. In addition to this, three more products will be launched in March for a total of 9 SKUs offering growth potential for any Buyers to consider.

The business is 100% FBA with all products selling solely in the UK. Some products are stored in a 3PL warehouse outside of Amazon to lower storage costs. When inventory is needed for orders, the 3PL service ships these items to FBA warehouses when necessary.

The Seller currently utilizes the help of two part-time employees who manage customer service requests, shipments, product descriptions, and inventory pictures. The Seller has agreed these employees will stay on with the new Buyer for a minimum of six months.

The Seller has an active local business with a different brand name in the same niche. However, due to location is not within an Amazon supported country. This separate brand shares the same supplier, however, they do not share employees, customer lists, or fulfillment methods. This business is not run in an Amazon supported country and the seller has agreed not to compete outside their local market. Further details can be given to active buyers.

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First Seen: Mon, Feb 17th 2020

Last Updated: Tue, May 19th 2020

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