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Asking Price : $282,538

Annual Gross Revenue : $203,031

Annual Net Profit : $80,725

Profit Multiple : x3.50

Inventory Value: N/A

R-Index : 111

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This patented product was launched on Amazon in February 2016 and featured on Shark Tank in November 2017 ultimately landing a deal with Daymond John.

What is being offered in this listing, is not the entire business or the brand website, but rather the Amazon seller central account and exclusive rights to sell on, any international Amazon territory, and additional third-party online retailers.

There are three SKUs being sold on the US territory that drive the majority of the sales. Outside the US, one SKU drives minimal sales in the UK, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, and Italy.

Unique to this listing is the inclusion in the Amazon Patent Evaluation program that effectively allows the owner to kick any listings off Amazon that are infringing on the patent relatively quickly. Previously it was much more time consuming to remove infringing products, but being in the Amazon Patent Evaluation program since late 2019 will make 2020 much easier to manage. Altogether the owner has kicked off hundreds of copycat products. As a new owner, you would also be able to continue this process of removing infringing products.

The brief sales history on Amazon would summarize 2017 as a huge year, 2018 is when the copycats came in and near the tail end of 2019 is when the owner was able to start kicking infringing products off of Amazon more easily.

The owner describes himself as more of an inventor and less of a marketing expert. He wants to sell the rights to Amazon and 3rd party online retailers to someone with more experience so that he can minimize the day to day efforts he expends on running the business.

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